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EcFAT 3.1.2
Released 2016-03-29
• New feature: Data journaling support
• New feature: Support for flashes with large block sizes (larger than then sector size). Implement m_fnGetDriveProperty() in ECF_BlockDriver to let EcFAT know the block size of your disk
• New feature: ECF_SetFileSize() to extend or truncate a file.
• New feature: Download and Upload button in EcFAT Explorer to allow transfers without using Drag and Drop
• New feature: C90 comments for better compatibility
• New feature: Added m_fnFlush to block driver to tell the block driver to flush any cache it has
• New feature: NTRes entry is read creating correct case for names written by Windows. Long file names are also created in a way that more resembles how Windows creates them
• Optimization: Journaling is optimized and can now merge entries. In a typical case, a journaled disc is only 2% slower than a non-journaled disc
• Optimization: Wearlevelling is significantly faster for smaller caches and lookup has been optimized.
• Optimization: Sector lookup is optimized and is now significantly faster for large caches.
• Optimization: Improved string handling to greatly reduce stack usage.
• API Change: ECF_SetFileAttributes() now takes an additional flag to make usage easier
• API Change: ECF_FORMAT_ALIGN removed, use extended attributes instead
• Bug fixes from EcFAT 3.0.5
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