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ECF_Flush writes all unsaved data in the sector cache to the block device.
ECF_ErrorCode ECF_Flush(
   char cDriveLetter
This is the drive letter you want to use to refer to this file system. E.g. 'A'.
Return value
Returns one of the ECF error codes (ECFERR_SUCCESS on success)
Some systems that can experience sudden power loss can benefit from calling ECF_Flush when it wants to make sure that all data has been written to the block device. After a successful call to ECF_Flush the data is guaranteed to be written to the block device.
Example Code
#include <ECF/ECF.h>

void WriteToLogFile(struct ECF_FileHandle *fileHandle, const char *szLogEntry)
   // Error checking omitted

   ECF_WriteFile(&fileHandle, strlen(szLogEntry), szLogEntry);
   // Make sure the log entry is actually written to disk.
   // We assume that the file is located on drive 'A'. 
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