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EcUSB 2.0.3
Släppt 2012-11-13
• Documentation: Adding missing Free vs Release file to Serial+Packet driver
• Samples: Added DPInst.exe driver installation sample in "Windows\Driver Installation\DPInst"
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EcUSB 2.0.2
Släppt 2012-10-16
• Bugfix: Added missing ECUSB_Device_Detach()
• Bugfix: Fixed problem that endpoint interrupt wasn't properly re-enabled when the buffer got full. Cause all function drivers to drop data in some situations.
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EcUSB 2.0.1
Släppt 2012-09-06
• Bugfix: Fixed compilation issue for Embedded Packet Driver with GCC. Removed the FIFOQueuePackets.h file.
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EcUSB 2.0.0
Släppt 2012-09-05
• New feature: Support for composite devices, you can now use e.g. both the Serial and Packet driver in the same device
• New feature: Serial driver is supported on Mac OS X. No OS X driver is necessary.
• New samples: EmbeddedSerialPlusPacketSample
• Documentation: Added tutorial on how to program for EC-USB in EC-USB Getting started guide.pdf
• API Change: Major changes on how the USB is setup and initializes. It is easy to convert but you read EC-USB Upgrading from 1.2 to 2.0.pdf to see how to upgrade.
• Bugfix: Fixed an issue where requests would be sent to the device instead of the interface. For composite support you need to update the Windows drivers. Let us know if you need a Windows driver that is compatible with both the embedded driver from both EC-USB 1.2 and EC-USB 2.0.
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