EcUSB layers
The basic layers when using USB.

The basic layers when using USB.

EcUSB layers
The blue parts represents the included software in EcUSB.

The included software in EcUSB.

The EmbCode USB package contains everything you need to get started with USB development for embedded systems.

Start with EcUSB as a stable foundation and customize it to fit your needs.

Main features:

• Embedded USB function level drivers with source
• Embedded USB low level drivers with source
• Windows USB function level drivers with binaries and source
• Windows USB driver installation example
• Full documentation available in header/source files, as PDF and online
• Packet/Serial/Stream-based function drivers
• USB Bootloader
• x86 and x64 support
• Signing examples

EcUSB is delivered as clear, readable, C source.

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Complete system
All parts necessary for embedded USB development is included (including Windows examples) which means that you have a stable foundation to start your development with.
Embedded USB low level drivers
Low level drivers are included for Atmel and NXP. Additional examples are made on request.
Windows driver binaries
Windows drivers are included as binaries that you can start using immediately.
Windows driver source
Source for the Windows drivers are included which lets you customize them, set your own VID/PID and compile them using WinDDK.
Serial port class driver
The serial port class driver can be used with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
Stream function driver
The stream function is used when you want to migrate from using a serial port to using a custom device.
Packet function driver
Use the packet driver for developing new embedded systems with custom drivers. The packet driver simplifies development by bundling your data.
Technical support via phone and e-mail
6 months of maintenance agreement is included with your purchase which gives you support and free upgrades during this time. Once your maintenance time is up, you are free to renew it for 20% of the cost of a new license.
Static memory design
All EmbCode products use a static memory design. This means that there is no need for a dynamic memory handler and that there never are any runtime errors from memory exhaustion.
Samples included
Several samples are included to get you started. This means you have a complete working system to start from. From Embedded application to Windows application with all the driver layers in between.
Documentation online, as PDF in header (.h) files and in source (.c) files
The documentation is available in all places where it might be useful. Available online without login here and as a PDF file for printing. Above all the function declarations in the header files and above the function implementations in the source files.
Delivered as C source. Windows drivers and samples also come as binaries.
Easy to use
The API is designed to be simple to use. Have a look at the documentation to get a feel of how it works.
Bootloader included
A sample is included of how to use EcUSB in a bootloader