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Support för EcFAT 2.2 upphörde 2016-03-05
EcFAT 2.2.8
Släppt 2015-05-26
• Bug fix: Fixed ECF_Rename(). It is no longer possible to rename a file to an existing file name.
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EcFAT 2.2.7
Släppt 2014-09-23
• New feature/Bug fix: The behaviour of ECF_Format() has changed for large discs. It will now allow larger discs to be formatted. The upper limit is now 2TB for 512 sector discs, 4TB for 1024 sector discs and 8TB for 2048 and 4096 sector discs.
• Bug fix: Fixed an issue with .. entries that would cause Windows chkdsk to issue a warning.
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EcFAT 2.2.6
Släppt 2014-07-01
• Bug fix: Improved handling of a failing block device. The cache for the entire device will now be dropped on write error to avoid an invalid cache.
• Bug fix: Fixed an issue when a very specific write/seek pattern and cache configuration would cause part of a sector to be lost
• Bug fix: If the block driver failed while unmounting a disc, the unmount would fail and the disc would stay mounted. This is fixed so that ECF_Unmount() will always unmount the drive.
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EcFAT 2.2.5
Släppt 2014-03-04
• Bugfix: Fixed issue with VOLUME ID handling
• Bugfix: Fixed issue where file handles wouldn't be properly updated if the write handle to a file was opened after the read handle
• Bugfix: Fixed issue where disc space would be miscalculated in ECF_Format for specific disk sizes
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EcFAT 2.2.4
Släppt 2013-08-20
• Bugfix: Removed unnecessary write of file size in cases where it hadn't changed. This is to minimize wear on the underlying disc.
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EcFAT 2.2.3
Släppt 2013-05-29
• New feature: Added debug logging to COM port driver
• Bugfix: Fixed issue were ECF Explorer couldn't connect to a system with several drives.
• Bugfix: Fixed an issue were ECF Explorer wouldn't start on some installations of Windows XP
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EcFAT 2.2.1
Släppt 2012-07-03
• New feature: Support for opening the same file multiple times. You may have one filehandle in read/write mode and multiple handles in read only mode. (Not supported in ECF Boot to reduce code size)
• New feature: Support for correct timestamps when creating and writing file systems via the ECF_OPT_CURRENT_TIME_FUNCTION define. See ECF API Reference section 6.3, 6.4 and 7.9. (Not supported in ECF Boot to reduce code size)
• New feature: New function ECF_Rename() to rename file or directory
• API Change: In struct ECF_FileDirectoryData: m_dirCreateTimeTenth, m_dirCreateTime, m_dirCreateDate, m_dirLastAccessDate, m_dirWriteTime, m_dirWriteDate have been removed and replaced by m_creationTime, m_lastAccessTime and m_lastWriteTime of type struct ECF_DateTime
• New feature: Tab replaced by space in most files to ease readability when using an editor with a tabsize different than 3
• SD Card driver: Fixed an issue where the SD card driver would unnecessarily toggle the CS line
• SD Card driver: Added more debug output
• Documentation: Fixed description of wFlags for ECF_Mount()
• Documentation: Fixed description of blockDevice for ECF_GetPartitionInfo()
• Documentation: Added clarification about opening files in non-existing directories
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