How long will you support and update old versions? EcFAT EcFAT Lite EcUSB EcSD EcSD Lite

Old minor versions will receive bug fixes 1 year from when the next version is released.

Old major version will receive bug fixes 2 years from when the next version is released.

Example 1: EcFAT 2.1 was released 2012-04-10. Since it was a minor update from EcFAT 2.0, EcFAT 2.0 will be supported until 2013-04-10

Example 2: EcUSB 2.0 was released 2012-09-05. Since it was a major update from EcUSB 1.2, EcUSB 1.2 will be supported until 2014-09-05.

The only exception is if we know that no customers are using a particular version, then we will stop making updates for it and mark it as obsolete.

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