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The ECUSB_Packet_Init function configures and initialises the packet function driver.
ECUSB_ErrorCode ECUSB_Packet_Init(
   struct ECUSB_Packet_Function *pPacketFunction,
   struct ECUSB_Packet_Configuration *pConfiguration
A pointer to a struct ECUSB_Packet_Function that will be cleared and initialized by ECF_Packet_Init().
A pointer to a struct ECUSB_Packet_Configuration. This struct needs to be created by the user, cleared and the necessary values needs to be filled in. See description of struct ECUSB_Packet_Configuration for a reference of the fields in this struct.
Return value
Returns one of the ECUSB error codes (ECUSB_SUCCESS on success)
Example Code
   // Initialize the USB Packet function driver
   struct ECUSB_Packet_Configuration packetConfiguration;
   memset(&packetConfiguration, 0, sizeof(packetConfiguration));
   packetConfiguration.m_pDevice = &myUsbDevice.m_device;
   printf("Calling ECUSB_Packet_Init()...");
   err = ECUSB_Packet_Init(&myUsbDevice.m_packetFunction, &packetConfiguration);
   if(err != ECUSB_SUCCESS) 
      halt("ECUSB_Packet_Init failed", err);