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The ECF_ScanDirNext function retrieves information about the next file or directory in a directory scan.
ECF_ErrorCode ECF_ScanDirNext(
   struct ECF_FileHandle *pScanDirPosition,
   struct ECF_FileDirectoryData *pFileDirectoryData
This is a pointer to the struct previously initialized by ECF_ScanDirBegin.
This struct will be filled with information about the next available file/directory.
Return value
Returns one of the EcFAT error codes (ECFERR_SUCCESS on success) Returns ECF_NOMOREFILES when all the entries in the directory have been scanned.
When you scan a directory, the special entries "." and ".." (for the current and the parent directory) will be returned. Most users want to ignore these so be sure to check for these names.
Example Code
See example for ECF_ScanDirBegin().
See also